Crystal Cube Paper Weight

Our custom paper weights are truly one of a kind. We have developed a functional design that not only looks great but is personal and is customized with the name or monogram of the person that you wish to gift.

We provide you a cool collection of unique and beautiful paperweights for promoting your business to get brand recognition of your company.


Paperweights have long been a favorite as Corporate and Promotional Gifts usually imprinted or engraved with a Company Logo.

If you are considering on promoting your company, than promotional paperweights can be a great gift to your clients. Why not giving something that is built on a purpose and can serve multi functions. Paperweight provides the corporate sector a good choice for promoting their business. It helps the person to keep everything in order and placed. It is placed on the top of the papers to hold back the loose papers from blowing in wind. It is an eye catching thing that makes the surrounding to get a glance on it. So it can be a perfect gift to present your clients at any occasion.


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